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The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Open House

When you first put your home on the market, hosting your open house will be a lot like a television game show; you will need to quickly edge out the competition in order to win. In a game show like Jeopardy, contestants don’t necessarily have the innate knowledge to answer all of the questions; rather, they study the information over time to make it seem as though the knowledge comes naturally. Homeowners should approach open houses in the same manner. Strategically plan your approach ahead of time, and then beat out the competition in a short period of time.

Even in a very active real estate market, it will still be important to hold as many open house as possible until you sell your home. This is important for many reasons. Firstly, even buyers who have agents may prefer to look at home without the added pressure of a home tour, or perhaps their agent is unavailable when your home goes on the market. Secondly, some buyers do not have an agent, and their only chance to tour a home is through open houses. Your agent should take care of almost everything in regards to an open house, from preparing the signage to offering baked goods in the kitchen.

The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Open HouseFor the seller, there are also some steps to take:


Your current home has been decorated to your styles and tastes- and while this is lovely for you, it may not be the style and taste of potential home buyers. The more generic your home staging is, the better your home sale experience will be. Remove personal photos, religious emblem and personal collections that give the feeling that the home has been previously lived in. If you can’t decide what to get rid of, consider whether hour décor is politically, religiously or morally objectionable- if it is, remove it. You do not want your décor to be the thing that turns potential buyers away.


Take the time to declutter your home, as this chore goes hand-in-hand with depersonalizing. Your home should appear organized and simple, so that buyers can see the potential of the home as opposed to all of the things you’ve filled it with.

If there are too many things filling up the walls, shelves and cupboards then buyers will not only assume that you are unorganized but they may also assume that you do not take proper care of your home either. A good rule of thumb is to store away at least half of the small items in your home to make it look cleaner and more spacious.

Try to give yourself a limit for clutter. If your tables and shelves are full, cut it down to only 3 objects per surface and store the rest. Sellers may benefit from visiting other open house to see how other homeowners are staging their homes to get some inspiration. You can also use social media platforms such as Pinterest to get some simple decorating ideas. Once you’ve de-cluttered, the next task is to clean the home from top to bottom, inside and out. If you don’t have the time, hire some professional help to get it all done properly.

Lure Them In

The first thing a potential home buyer will see is the outside of your home. Before an open house it is a very good idea to do some simple maintenance on your front and back lawns including mowing, weeding and gardening. Even if you’re selling in the middle of winter, try to lay down some mulch to add color, shovel the pathways and pot some annuals that will bloom even in the colder seasons.


Complete Your Honey-Do List

Take a tour in and around your home and create a checklist for both the inside and out. Maintenance chores can include wiggly door handles, chipped paint and small repairs. A good impression of your home is important to buyers, as even the smallest fixes may be a sign for them that the house will have a lot of problems. They may worry about larger issues such as plumbing, roofing and other maintenance that you haven’t taken care of. Consider talking to your realtor about a pre-inspection before you put the property up for sale.

Be Cautious

Once you have taken care of all of the above steps, then the last thing you need to do is protect your valuables during an open house. Lock away valuables, jewelry, money and identities, and be mindful that criminals use open houses as an excuse to steal a homeowner’s prized possessions. Be careful with your heirlooms, prescriptions and checkbooks and consider investing in a safe or taking valuables to a different location.

Bottom Line

Home selling may seem like an overwhelming process for some homeowners, but we can help to make it an enjoyable and successful journey! If you’re hoping to sell in the Mountain Island area, message us today and we can help you get started!

Are you uncertain about your home’s price? It’s important to ensure your home price is accurate so that you have a quick and successful sell! Still have questions? Call us at 704.997.3794 to talk to one of our qualified and professional agents today!   

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